Before They Were Famous, They Were Bouncers.

When I was fourteen years old, I was a bouncer in a whorehouse in the Amazon.
Renzo Gracie
MMA and jiu-jitsu legend
I opened the door and found one of the strippers standing there wearing nothing but a cock ring!
Adam 'Edge' Copeland
WWE Hall-of-Famer
All around us it's baseball bats and knuckles and jai-alai paddles flying everywhere -- CHAOS!
Pat 'The Croatian Sensation' Miletich
UFC champion & Hall-of-Famer
I smiled a little and said 'Okay, I get it'. Then I SMASHED him in the face with a serving tray.
Theo Rossi
Star of Sons of Anarchy, Cloverfield and Luke Cage
We've got California street thugs brawling with Brazilian maniacs, I'm holding an out-of-control UFC champion against the wall, and all I can think is, 'How do I get into these situations?'
Big John McCarthy
Legendary MMA referee
Jericho launched himself with what would have been a perfect cross-body block if he had been in a wrestling ring. But sadly for him, he wasn't.
Lance Storm
WWE superstar
It was the first time I ever got a round of applause for busting a nut!
'Diamond' Dallas Page
DDP Yoga inventor/WCW champion and WWE superstar
I'm holding this guy against the wall, and all of a sudden I smell something burning. Then I realize that it's me!
Samoa Joe
WWE Superstar
The police looked at his face and asked where I put the baseball bat. They wouldn't believe me that I did that with only my leg!
'El Guapo' Bas Rutten
UFC champion & Hall-of-Famer/Star of Here Comes The Boom
I turned to him and said, 'Next time, I wanna take the pictures and you can hold onto the naked guy!'
'Judo' Gene Lebell
Stuntman/Actor/Martial Arts Legend
I went out there and started mocking him. Ten minutes later, he came back and showed me a gun in his waistband.
Patrick Gallagher
Star of True Blood, Glee, and the Night at the Museum series
One time a guy got stabbed really bad while trying to break up a fight, and he ran out of the club with his guts literally in his hands!
Monique Ganderton

Paul Lazenby is Steve Austin's movie stunt double, and returns to the podcast to explain why he shaved off his goatee! Okay, that's not the only reason! Paul's got a new book out, "When We Were Bouncers: Famous Actors, Athletes, and others Tell Insane Stories Of Their Days Behind The Velvet Rope." Everyone from Diamond Dallas Page to Samoa Joe to Bas Rutten to Renzo Gracie sat down with Paul & shared some wild stories from their days as club bouncers. You'll hear about the crazy fights, Paul's "Mad Dog Look," hyper-vigilance, how to protect yourself from a head-butt, and the 3 qualities needed to be a bouncer. Paul and Steve also tell some movie set stories, and offer up a sneak peek at who may be starring in "Titanic 2." It's not Leonardo DiCaprio, and it's called method acting, people!

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About The Author - Paul Lazenby

Paul ‘The Mauler’ Lazenby spent over twenty years bouncing in bars, roadhouses and nightclubs all over North America. Also an actor, stuntman, pro wrestler, and champion powerlifter, kickboxer and mixed martial artist, he resides in Vancouver, Canada with his Marcus Fenix and Snake Plissken action figures, and sometimes his agent’s dog.